send me an angel - thrice ♥

neues lay und so!

25.5.06 14:49

roter Text
3.5.06 19:40

Spacken -.-

22.4.06 17:20

mir gehts iwie gut

Now, is your time to die
We've gathered here to say goodbye
No, more, you'll cry
No reason left for you to fight
Feel, pain, no more Emotions never felt before
Where, do, we go
We go, she'll never know
Holding on to you, to keep from falling
Your eyes are closing now
Another chapter's ending
Hard, times, we always saw
There's nothing left of you no more
15.4.06 16:33

new ♥

ja ich hab ne ne unterseite Pics 3 schaut euch mal an// zu finden auch unter People =)
18.3.06 12:11

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