i am Sally Hollywood &
i am 16, but i think i look younger,
but don't judge me by my age please.
fuck you.
fuck you
Don't tell me something about perfection, nobody is, i don't
believe in it, so i don't care about it.
Don't tell me how much your life sucks
or that you have nothing to do
or your problems,
I have enough of my own and I
don't want yours, thanks.
Ehrm or just tell me about i so
I see that my life is much better.
I promise u, i won't give u a chance.
I love to hang out with my friends,
they mean everything to me.
Emilia is my best!
i get bored easily. i always need
something to do & i always need changes.
sometimes it sucks.
life isn't perfect. at no time. it sucks too.
I look different without Photoshop, that's a fact!!!
& I am happy.
& I hate it, when people try to tell me
what i got to do. I know what I want!
I always think I'm right & i hate it when someone tells me the opposite. :]
Some people doesn't like me,
although they don't know me at all. :]
I don't tell people what I really feel.
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